My Friends

My Friends

It has been said that to write well one must also read. As I’ve said before my inspirations draw from Robert Heinlein, Anne McCaffrey, J.R.R. Tolkien and many more. I am also in the habit of reading the works of other emerging writers that make for a worthwhile read. Here are several I recommend for anyone who enjoys a good piece of fiction. 

CL Fors

Author, mother, student-midwife, graphic artist, painter, social activist and good friend…CL Fors has a passion for capturing the nuance of human interaction and the implications of hypothetical futures for humanity. She writes science fiction with a heart that deals in the often overlooked aspects of life, including motherhood, childbirth, and pregnancy maintaining a strong basis is current science.

I have known CL for several years. I find in her a true Renaissance woman. I think of her, in many aspects, as the Hippy daughter I never had. I love her work both as a writer and an artist. It was her talent that produced the marvelous cover for my book.

Progeny is the beginning story in a three book arc that takes us from Earth on the near future to the red dust of Mars. I promise you will find her characters compelling and very relate-able. I have my own theories about at least one of the strong women in this book and look forward to finding out if I am right.

Author of The Primogenitor Series: Progeny, Adaptation, Reunion


Jason P Crawford

Wordsmith, teacher, father, gamer…Jason is a master of far-fetched flights of fancy and adventure with fast-paced urban fantasy, science fiction, and epic fantasy all under his belt. Jason has authored and published six novels with Epitome Press and is close to releasing his seventh, with his eighth in the works as well. He isn’t afraid to take risks or fall of the deep end of the fantastical, and his characters and stories have a warmth and heart that reflects his optimistic worldview.

Author of: The Drifter, Chains of Prophecy, Bonds of Fate, Seeking The Sun, Cycles of Destruction, Dragon Princess.

Chains of Prophecy is the first Jason P  Crawford published by Epitome Press and is currently available for free on Amazon in its latest edition!


Samuel Buckland is a young man who has it all and is planning for the future. Gregory Caitlin is a businessman and politician. He has designs to bring hope back to a world in need…and he’ll be damned if anyone gets in his way! When the two cross paths, even the angels tremble. An ancient magic has been rediscovered. Sam must overcome his lack of faith and accept his destiny, or the world he knows will suffer the consequences. . A skeptic who must harness the powers of demons and genies. A zealot who has begun to walk a darker path. Bound together by a stolen secret. Can any of them escape the Chains of Prophecy?







Brett Bouriseau with Bonifide Outlaw Free Press

Bret’s work is clever, exciting and packed with titillating plays on legend, fantasy, and folklore. He has a sequel to Travers and several other projects in the works.

Travers McCracken wears the cloak of fantasy, the boots and britches of adventure, but when he is buck naked… he is pure romance. My friend Brett weaves tales of rollicking good fun with a bawdy slant and elements of the supernatural.



Michael Kanuckel

A stunning author with deliciously dark prose. He has been described as a latter day Stephen King with overtones of Dean Koontz. Try him out and you won’t be disappointed. He has several novels on our reading list. Dream a Little Dream of Me is the first but it won’t be the last.

21561865Something terrible happened to Treena Roberts and her friends. Something so terrible they’ve hidden it away in their subconscious for years…

Idyllic small town life, a tight-knit community, the bonds of friendship and family…none of these things can stand against the shadows closing in on one young girl and her circle- and if they cannot face the truth of their own past, it will devour them.  Some secrets can’t stay buried. Some evils refuse to be ignored.